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Transforming data into actionable insights

Agency leaders are challenged with making hundreds if not thousands of decisions every day, typically with very little information and insight into downstream impacts. Leaders can improve the quality of decision-making by generating actionable insights from data. By cataloging data elements and analyzing how they support decision-making, agencies can provide leaders with a complete and accurate picture of the situation at hand. RIVA specializes in building measurable results to help leaders make well-informed decisions that improve the speed, cost, and quality of operations and mission execution.  

Our team of highly skilled analysts and data scientists use advanced analytical tools to help uncover valuable insights. We support a range of services from data collection and management to data analysis and reporting. We partner with our clients to understand their needs and challenges, building tailored solutions with an emphasis on data privacy and security.  

Working with our Data & Analytics team, agency leaders can optimize their operations, improve risk management capabilities, enhance their security posture, and more. 

 Solutions & Services 

  • Digital & Data Literacy  
  • Decision Support & Insights  
  • CDO Support Services  
  • DataOps 
  • Decision Intelligence  
  • Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics 

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Practice Area Lead

Raj DasGupta