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Secure, scalable cloud-based solutions

As work environments have evolved to support remote and dispersed teams, an on-perm approach has created limitations for agencies. In today’s flexible, always-connected environment, migrating to the cloud is essential to maintaining operations.

RIVA understands the challenges on-prem and outdated infrastructure environments present. Working in the cloud offers agencies flexibility, cost savings, and the ability to scale and innovate faster. We leverage cloud applications to help agencies modernize and secure their environments, and automate manual processes for quicker data delivery, more efficient storage, and continuous monitoring.

We partner with our clients to identify the right cloud deployment or cloud computing architecture to maximize operations and deliver on mission. We deploy and support multiple cloud scenarios including public, private, and hybrid clouds.

Solutions & Services

  • Cloud Governance, Security and Compliance 
  • Cloud Migration Services 
  • Cloud Strategy and Planning 
  • Cloud Storage and Hosting 
  • Cloud Risk Management 
  • OpenCloudCX 
  • Cloud Migration Toolkit 
  • Cloud Accelerator 

Austin O'Donoghue Headshot


Practice Area Lead

Austin O’Donoghue

Vice President of Cloud and Infrastructure